Wednesday Wonders

I wonder ….who decided 8 hours was a good amount to sleep – I mean come on – I could get so much more done in my day if I only needed 4 hours of sleep. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE sleeping ….but who has time for that?

I wonder …how many new cute coffee mugs I can pin/love (on Etsy)/buy before Matt sends me to rehab. I mean seriously there are so many!! I have started to get a new one out of the cabinet every time just so I can justify that I use them all and “need” more.

I wonder …. if Chip and Joanna Gaines would come help us when we build our house. I just can’t get enough of their show (Fixer Upper) on HGTV. Every home, down to the smallest detail, is just perfection. I love them!

I wonder … if I can give up cheese?!?! As of March 2014 I no longer eat meat. It was a personal choice and one that makes my insides me feel so much better. Since this change naturally I became more creative with food and things to eat. I have increased my cheese consumption so much in my diet lately. It is one of those things that I probably couldn’t do without – but lent is coming up so maybe 40 days without it would be a good trial? Hmmm…..