Our Wedding

January 19th, 2013 was beautiful, sunny and a 75 degree day.  It was the beginning of Matt & Jenny Birk.  The day was perfect from start to finish (I have 3 amazing guardian angels who made sure we had picture perfect weather too for a January wedding) and I wish it wouldn’t have went by so fast.  I mean, everyone tells you this, it goes by so fast just try to take it all in.  They are SO right! The day was a complete whirlwind from hair and makeup getting stated at 7:00AM, everyone dressed and ready by 11:30AM to get to the church, wedding at 2:00PM, make sure we leave STL by 5:00PM to get to the reception venue and before you know it it’s midnight and the band is playing the final song and the day that I had been planning for the last 10 months was over.

Our day was truly perfect and we would not change a thing looking back.  We were surrounded by 500+ family and friends to help us celebrate this new chapter in our lives.  I am working now on finishing up the final touches of our wedding album and then it will go to print.  So hopefully (fingers crossed) we will have it by our 1 year anniversary.  It is still hard to believe that a year has went by already.  One year down ….but at least fifty more to go 😉 

Here are just a few of my favorite pictures of the day – I have so many more but we will start with these!




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