Cheers to 2014

Happy New Year!


I haven’t posted in a while (already not holding up my end to write more in 2014) but nothing really exciting has been going on.  Our New Year’s Eve was very simple, Matt and I both worked that day so we came home and just made a supper for the 2 of us and started watching…. Breaking Bad.  We got Netflix a few months ago and I did a marathon of TV watching (Orange is the new black and House of Cards)….but everyone keeps saying you have to watch Breaking Bad.  So we finally gave in a watched a few episodes.  We were tired and were asleep in bed by 11:00pm … we didn’t even see midnight.  Oh how my life has changed.  But I didn’t mind.  After the past few weeks that we have had (taking care of my dad and then all the running around involved with Christmas) Matt and I were just excited to be at home and doing nothing!!  What a great way to end a huge year for us …. I could not be happier that this year I got to bring in the New Year with my husband.   2014 you have a lot to live up to!

We started 2014 off with a whole lot of NOTHING.  I made biscuits and gravy for breakfast and Matt started a pot of chili (he swears it was his best recipe yet) and we sat on the couch and watched Breaking Bad ALL DAY! ALL DAY! WOW.  It was so exhausting.  Matt is hooked and loves the show.  I agree that it is really good and my inner nerd loves all the chemistry!  We have still been watching a few episodes in the evenings after work … we are up to episode 26 out of 54.  I am not sure if we will be able to finish before our other TV shows start back up … but you never know what will happen and if we get this “blizzard” they keep talking about.  Sunday might be another Netflix marathon day.

So it’s that time of year when people make “resolutions” for the year … I never liked calling them that.  I like goals.  Matt says it’s the same but his opinion doesn’t always count.  I do always hear him but don’t always choose to listen 😉

If I let you in on my goals then maybe you will help keep me honest too … maybe 😉

Read more.  I used to love to read books and I haven’t done much of that since before we got engaged … Planning our wedding took priority. But there are still 5+ books sitting on my kindle that have yet to be started.  Another reason to finish up Breaking Bad so I can start reading again lol

Start exercising again …. My roommates in college were rock stars and helped me see that running was something I really enjoyed.  I have ran 3 half marathons but I have not put my running shoes on in over a year … I think it’s time to get them back out.  Maybe even run a race with my girls Angela & Renee?  We have not picked a race yet but we hope to very soon! MOTIVATION! KEEP GOING!

Be more grateful – Sometimes I get so caught up in everything that I forget how lucky and fortunate I am for all the things I have in the life – my husband, my family, awesome friends, and a job.  This year I want to stop and take time to “smell the roses” more.

Stay organized.  As if planning a wedding is not hard enough changing your name is 100X time worse.  But I can finally say that after almost a year everything is done.  Things are getting organized and I am trying to “declutter” a little everyday …. I don’t even have a child yet so I can only image what my life will be like after that but for now I want to try to keep on top of things.

We have big things on our calendar for 2014 already … Our First Anniversary, more Birthdays to celebrate (Matt turns 30 this year), new babies arriving (Baby Walsh, Baby Neff, Baby Ratz) just to name a few, graduations (Rebecca from High School and Hannah from The CIA), and of course weddings (Morgan & Tyler, Sarah & Brian, Matt & Kate, Dani & Clay) …. It looks like another year full of blessings and dreams coming true.




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