Tuesday Top 5

5. Winter Olympic Video:

I found this video on the Today Show facebook page.  I was never an Olympic athlete and I’m not a mother to one (but maybe someday) …. this video is just too perfect not to share.   Grab a tissue!


4. Holy Pinterest:

I seriously have a problem.  Matt was thinking about seeing if there is a rehab or something I can go to get help.  With all these days being stunk inside my Pinterest activity is at an all-time record.  Not only have I pinned close to 2,000+ pins in the past 2 days I have reorganized my boards, created new boards, diving old ones and make “sub categories” and just going 100% crazy on there!  Thank goodness some of my TV shows are starting back up this week.

3. Redecorating:

So I finally had the time (being stuck at home yesterday) to take down Christmas.  I was dreading this process.  Not because I put so much up or I hate packing things away but because once I take Christmas down our house will be bare again … After we got married I didn’t really spend much time decorating the house.  Matt has had it for 4 + years and we have been together for 3 ½ of those so I have been trying to improve it slowly but it still needs A TON of work.  So with Christmas down I have a blank slate and the motivation (Pinterest inspired) to start decorating.  It’s time to get some wedding photos on the wall!!! Home goods, hobby lobby, crate and barrel, pottery barn, pier 1 and so many more….. HERE I COME!

2. New Tunes:

I spend a lot of time listening to internet radio at work and today my favorite song on Spotify is Famous by Kelleigh Bannen …. You should defiantly take a listen J

1. Hunter Boots:

Matt’s Christmas gift to me this year could be more perfect since we are having all this winter weather.  Not only are they super stylish and comfortable but they keep my feet so warm!  He is getting really good at getting me gifts!!

What are your Top 5 favorite’s right now?


One thought on “Tuesday Top 5

  1. I seriously think I have a Pinterest problem as well! Nathan looked at me the other night (after I kept having to ask him what was going on in the show we were watching because I was too busy pinning) and was like, I think you’re addicted! Maybe we could go to Pinterest rehab together! 😉

    I need to start decorating our apartment! I had finally started decorating our condo when we left… I need to not wait as long this time. I just have so many ideas (Pinterest, of course!) that I want to try to make, I don’t know where to start!

    Thanks for the song suggestion! Just added to my Spotify playlist! 🙂

    I need to invest in a new pair of warm and cute boots! Mine are old and pretty worn out… birthday present maybe? Maybe Matt should start giving Nathan ideas! haha 😉


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