A Wonderful Weekend

LOVE! That would be the word that I would have to use to describe this weekend.  So much LOVE and I LOVE LOVE!

Friday night after work Matt and I met up with Chris & Jess (Chris is my best guy friend and we have been that way since the 5th grade – he was in our wedding last year too) … and his girlfriend Jess is ADORABLE.  I love her.  I still remember the day that Chris told me about Jess for the first time (we were having lunch at Qdoba) and I could tell that he was excited about Jess.  They have become such a great couple and so fun to be with.  Matt and I did find some time to give Chris a hard time about why he hasn’t proposed yet ….but we didn’t push it to hard as Matt and I have been on the receiving end of that before.  We are just very lucky to be able to call them friends.  We planned this evening months ago because our schedules are just so busy but per Chris’s request it was going to be a game night.  Not watch a game on TV or play with his new PlayStation (bc Jess is AWESOME) but board games.  Aside from hours of wonderful catching up, great food, and of course drinks we managed to play Telestrations, Headbands, and In A Pickle.  Telestrations and Headbands and were fun – I think I won telestrations and Matt was really good at Headbands … In A Pickle went to Chris (although we were reading the directions most of the game so he could have cheated ;0) ….but it was a perfect night with great friends.  Next time The Birk’s will be hosting so stay tuned – Jess and I were trying to convenience the guys that we will be playing Pretty Pretty Princess 😉



Matt & Chris with their headbands!

Saturday morning was a day “all about me” …. with all this crappy weather I haven’t had the time to just be out of the house and get things done on my mile long to do list.  I got up that morning and meet my bestie, Kaitlin, for some long overdue breakfast.  She has been wanting to try out the Benton Park Cafe (over by the brewery for those of you that know the STL area) and man Beth the next time you are in town we will have to add this to our breakfast list.  It was delicious! The food, the atmosphere, the people were top notch.  They even have ranch potatoes!! It was delicious and I was so glad that I finally got to see Kaitlin on her last weekend off from nursing school.  She is getting ready to start kicking ass and taking names again and I am still so proud of her! YOU GO GIRL!  After breakfast it was time to head over to see Judith!  Now Judith ROCKS!!! She is the best esthetician and always makes sure that I leave looking my best (eyebrows, lip, legs)!!! Kaitlin found her first so I can take not credit in that department but I have been going to her for almost a year now. From there I braved BBB for a return, ULTA for my hairspray (because anyone that knows me knows that I am a total snob and only use KENRA Hairspray) …. poor Matt.  LOL …. the mall was madness too.  With all the snow piles in the parking lot it was nearly impossible to find a spot but I managed to find one.  I ended up going to LUSH cosmetics (LUSH is an fresh, handmade natural cosmetics from bath soaps to makeup) … I love their lotion and massage bars but Kaitlin has been raving out their face-masks so of course I had to go get one for myself.  I ended up getting Catastrophe – a blueberry-packed maintenance mask.  It smells AMAZING! I cant wait to try it out tonight.  They are fresh so you have to keep them in the refrigerator and they last about 3 weeks so its guarantees you to use it right away otherwise it will go bad.  Super excited about this!  As always Kaitlin is such a great influence! haha! A few other odds and ends to wrap up my much needed day of running around to come home and get ready to go celebrate.

First stop Uncle Monte & Aunt Nancy surprise 40th wedding anniversary party.  It was great to see all of Matt’s relatives again and Nancy was so surprised she started crying.  The girls pulled off a great party to honor their parents 40 years of memories, love and happiness.

Next Stop Annbriar …. but on the way there I remembered I got a snapchat from Chris…… it was Jess’s hand and a diamond ring on her finger …. That was NOT there on Friday night so maybe he took Matt’s advice and they went looking today ??? but he wrote on the picture – “she said yes” ….. I am still new to the snapchat world too but I just kept looking at this wondering if he was playing a mean trick on me or what was going on – then the picture disappears and is GONE.  I was at an utter loss! Immediately called him and had to know – OMG! Did he do what I think he did? OMG! Is he and Jess? OMG! How could he not mention this to us the night before? OMG! How did he do it?  …… wait I thought you guys had different plans today? OMG! A million things going through my mind and of course I just try to blurt them all out at one time and then I start crying because I am such so happy and excited for them! He confirmed … its real! She said YES! He has been planning this all along and wanted to tell us Friday but Jess would never leave the room long enough without thinking something was up.  She was so surprised and he planned a perfect day that will mark the beginning of their forever.  Congratulations guys! Matt and I are so happy for you!


So that was an eventful car ride but our night was about to get even better.  A couple of weeks ago Matts cousin, Nathan, called to let us know that he was going to propose to his girlfriend, Julie.  We were supposed to meet out at Annbriar for a SURPRISE dinner with close friends to celebrate their engagement.  Nathan had this all planned out and she was so surprised to see us all there.  It was so much fun to get to be there and hear her tell the story of how it happened today and the joy on her face all night was enough to make anyone cry.  Not only did Nathan pull off a wonderful proposal and party but her ring was drop dead gorgeous!  We had a great night filled with wonderful people celebrating the LOVE of Nathan and Julie.  We were so happy to be able to get to be apart of this big day in their life and we can’t wait to see what the future will bring.  Since I am already an “official Birk” I can’t wait for Julie to be one too and the memories that we will continue to make along the way.  Welcome to the family Julie!! We love you guys!


Today will be a little less exciting.  We are going to head down to Red Bud today and visit with my parents.  I haven’t seen them since New Years and mom needs some help with things around the house since my dad is still not 100% yet.  Dad update: he is doing a lot better still not feeling the best but his PT is going great and he goes to the surgeon this week so we will have a better update and see what the plan is from here.  So we are going to go down for a visit since next weekend we will be leaving to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.  It will make it hard to be productive at work all week knowing I have that to look forward on Friday but there is still LOTS to do to get ready and before we leave and my list keeps growing.  Not to mention I have to clean before we leave.  I know it is a silly thing to clean a house that you wont be in for a few days but I can’t leave knowing the house is not in perfect order.  I know! Crazy! It’s my OCD – I just can’t help it.  It’s hard enough with all the dirty laundry, the mail pile, and everything else waiting for you when you get home but add a messy house and my OCD kicks into high gear.  I just can’t do it.  So it will be a busy week but it always gets done 🙂

I hope you had a wonderful weekend.




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