Wednesday Wonders

Not sure if I will make this a weekly post “Wednesday Wonders” but it is kinda catchy so maybe….I guess except for those Wednesday nights when wine is involved then it might be Wasted Wine Wednesday – haha 😉 jk

….I wonder what is going to happen on Nashville tonight! I am so excited for it to be back on.  I think that Will might be the one that died and not Peggy.  But I will have to wait and see.  SLU is playing tonight and so is ILLINOIS … so I will have to wait until Matt goes to bed before I can watch my show! But I am so happy its back on!

….I wonder who comes up with the Dove messages? I had 2 pieces today (no judging) and each one had a great message inside – which can be rare because sometimes I swear the whole bag is just the same 3 Love, Dove messages! haha!

photo (6)

photo (9)

 …..I wonder why it took Crystal Light so long to make Crystal Light liquid? I mean MiO has been out for a while now.  Have you tired this stuff? OMG! Its awesome.  I had it with Julie for the first time this weekend….. Vodka and Water with a few squirts of crystal  light liquid and you have big kid kool-aid.  The strawberry lemonade flavor is my favorite but the Mango Passionfruit is really good too.  Just in case you want to add some flavor to you water 😉

photo (7)

… I wonder why I didn’t come up an idea like Birchbox before? I mean it is just pure genius!  What a fun way to treat myself every month and still get to try awesome new stuff.  My Birchbox came today and it was full of awesome goodies!  What a great box to start off my 2014! I got 2 new perfect size lotions for my purse or to keep in the car (they smell so good), a funky new nail polish, some wonder tea flavors to try, and a microderm face mask to try! All great items that will get put to great use.  I gave my sister, Hannah, a 3 month Birchbox subscription for Christmas and she gave my other sister, Rebecca, the same.  AND WE DIDN”T EVEN PLAN THIS! It was so fun to watch them open these gifts on Christmas …it the gift that keeps on giving 😉

photo (11)

….Lastly, I wonder how a boy and a girl from the same home town (population 3,500) did not run into each other sooner? Yes, I am talking about Matt.  We both wonder all the time how we didn’t meet sooner or why it took us traveling over 500 miles to finally met.  Everyday I am thankful for how our love story began and I cant wait to keep writing every chapter of it.  He surprised me today with early anniversary flowers at work.  How did I get so lucky – I know everyone says that about their significant other – but he got me today! I was not expecting this at all but he thought I should get them early to enjoy them longer since our anniversary is on a Sunday and he wont be able to have them delivered that day.  They were so beautiful at my desk today and made the whole office smell like a flower shop! LOVE! He sure does spoil me rotten.  I can’t believe we are 4 days away from our first anniversary.  I can’t wait to see what big things are in store for us on year 2.

What do you wonder about?




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