Wednesday Wonders…

I wonder…. When is winter going to be OVER? Man I am so over this season!!! My body is far from ready for spring weather and wearing less layers but come on really does it have to keep snowing? Wind chill? Yuck! I am over this.  I am ready for spring, March madness, opening day of baseball season, cute sandal weather, planting flowers, and the smell of people cutting grass! It’s just time don’t you think?

I wonder … when I will find the time to finish my Shutterfly projects.  I have all of our adventures from 2013 to put into a book – San Antonio, Memphis, Mexico … I really need to do a better job of staying on top this because it’s only going to get worse when we have kids (someday very far far down the road)

 I wonder…. If I will actually finish my “To Do List” this weekend?  I have high hopes of getting SO MUCH done this weekend.  I am not working so that means LOTS to do around the house and being SUPER productive! No excuses!

 I wonder… why I always want a little chocolate after I eat my lunch … like every day I just crave a little piece of dark chocolate goodness.  Will I ever be able to break this habit?

…not much to wonder about here this week!




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