Wednesday Wonders….

I bet you wonder where I have been the last 4 months….well maybe someday I will have time to write about it haha.

I wonder ….why I never wore lipstick before? Ever since I met Matt he has always had a thing about my “sticky stuff” on my lips (aka lip gloss).  I am not really sure why lipgloss was always my go to lip product. Then for a while it was just lip balm or chap stick … but now it’s lipstick. Like REAL GROWN UP WOMAN LIPSTICK.  I can not get enough of all the amazing colors and variations (pink, red, coral, nude, peachy, shear, matte, glossy) … and there are SO MANY choices. I am still not sure I know to apply them correctly but with the help of my new found love of youtube channel watching about make up and beauty products I will figure it out soon enough (I hope). Right now I am loving Lisa Eldridge essiebutton Amelia Liana and Pretty Shiny Sparkly I think its mostly because the first 3 channels are British/Canadian girls and I just love their accent. But either way they all have amazing tips on make up, new products (high end and drug store) and just other favorite must have life items.

I wonder ….why Southwest doesn’t do a BIG sale on flights soon – oh wait! THEY DID! Matt and I were feeling very spontaneous today and were not planning to go anywhere other than a family vacation with “The Birk’s” to Charleston NC in September but today the deal was just way to good to pass up. So we did…on a moments notice I texted my BFF Beth (Our New Northern Life) to see if her and her hubby were free in August and we booked our first trip to Minnesota! I AM SO EXCITED. It is going to be so much fun. I know that we are going to do so many fun things and I can’t wait to send some quality time with my girl! 🙂

I wonder….when am I going to find the time to watch some movies that are on my list; The Monuments Men, That Awkward Moment, Neighbors, Heaven Is For Real, The Fault In Our Stars, Million Dollar Arm, Blended, The Other Woman. Any other recommendations I should add to this list?

I wonder…what is up with all this oil pulling hype? I just don’t get it? Not sure I really want to either?

I wonder…how time seems to keep going so fast. Over my 4 month break a lot actually happened in my life. I worked really hard and studied for an exam and PASSED! That was a huge accomplishment for me in my careert and hopefully was just the stepping stone for me to get back to consider going back to school for my masters (stay tuned for updates on that). My baby sister (Becca) graduated High School. My younger sister (Hannah) graduated college, has a job and apartment and is living in New York. It seriously is so hard think that these little girls are far from little and have grown up to be some pretty amazing young women. I can’t wait to see what they accomplish in this new chapter. I am one PROUD big sister.

I wonder….how long it is going to take me to catch up on all my blog following emails, pinterest and other email thing. I have been neglecting so much for these past 4 months but one day I will get my stuff (life) together…just maybe not today 🙂




2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wonders….

  1. I am so so happy you’re back! 😉

    I am so freakin excited that you are coming to visit!!! I’m already thinking of things we can do! So far I’m thinking – laying by the pool, grilling, coffee shops, microbreweries, shopping… I’ll think of more! 🙂

    I need to find time to catch up on movies too! Most of those are also on my list! I’ll catch up on some girly ones while Nathan’s away this weekend.


  2. You forgot about the movie Chef!! Haha sorry the baker in me had to say it. Love you tons!
    P.s. I am a very PROUD litte sister 😘


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