Friday Favorites

I am sorry that I have been MIA for a while it has just been a whirlwind of a few weeks around here. My birthday was amazing; Friday we did a family dinner with my parents, matt’s parents and Ang/Zach got in early so they joined too. We went to the Tavern on Main in “downtown” Belleville. They have excellent food and it was wonderful to visit. Saturday we waited for Renee to get in town and then went to several micro brews in STL but we of course started the day off with Lunch at Chavas! SO GOOD!

photo4 (2)


Next Stop – Civil Life Brewery

photo5 (2)



J & R 🙂 ❤

After that….Schlafly Bottleworks!


Lastly, Urban Chestnut (new location) – Renee tried to take a panoramic picture here ….


Then home. What a day!

Renee & Ang got me the cutest bracelets along with a fruit cake 🙂 Such a great weekend with great friends. I can’t wait to do it again – love you bias!

photo1 (4)

photo2 (2)

We were not very exciting on July 4th … Matt worked and I stated home all day cleaning/cooking because we were having a party on the 5th …it was a great day getting to see everyone and the kids. Another successful Birk BBQ!

This week …. What A WEEK! Some of my favorite things this week……


Seriously this whole album. SO FREAKING GOOD! There is so much emotion in every song. Amazing! Listen. Buy it. Love it. DO IT!

photo1 (3)

Any awesome gift from my parents for my birthday. I never thought the hype was worth it until I tried it and OMG. Life changing. I have only been using it for about 2 weeks but I can’t imagine washing my face without it now. I am now a clarisonic snob and I’m totally ok with it. Plus it’s pink 😉


I recently (I mean the last 2 months or so …) have been taking up watching beauty youtube videos. I just love hearing other people try out new products and giving reviews. EssieButton and Amelia Liana are probably my two favorites … plus they have cute accents (Canada/UK). They have recommended some of these amazing products and I love them!


This stuff is weird at first if you are not used to a cleansing oil/balm to remove your makeup but it really works. I love using this right before I get in the shower to help take all my “face” off for the day.


I have the worst dry feet (especially in the summer) because I never wear socks and always wear sandals. I have been using this at night to help my dry heels and it awesome! I have yet to get a crack on my foot. It has been over a month since my last pedicure and my feet don’t feel exactly the same they are way better than they used to be.


Along with trying to take care of my feet I have been using this hand cream too. Not sure that I notice a whole difference since I feel like most days all I do is wash my hands and then put lotion back on but I use it at night before bed. I read somewhere that you can tell a woman is “aging” by her face and the back of her hands. Although I am leaning to embrace age and most days I try to feel grateful to even be alive to see another birthday that doesn’t mean I can’t age “gracefully” right? So yes I have been experimenting with new eye creams/serums along with face serums/oils/night creams and moisturizers. There are SO MANY CHOICES. But hopefully in a few months I can report back on what I like and has been (hopefully) working for me. Matt thinks I am crazy but hey I did turn 26 … 30 will be here before I know it so I have to start now 🙂

And this is just for giggles because sometimes you just have one of those days……. I read an instagram pic the other day that said why do I wait until July to realize I need to get in swimsuit shape? Isn’t that the truth!?!?!?!!?



Hope you had a wonderful week & enjoy the weekend. We have another busy weekend ahead so hopefully I will report back next week.



One thought on “Friday Favorites

  1. Sounds like an amazing birthday weekend! 🙂

    I think we are bringing some friends from up here to STL some weekend and we are going to just be “tourists” so we will definitely be hitting up all those breweries!

    I have also been listening to that album on repeat the past couple days! So good!


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