One of those Wednesdays…..

Do you ever just have one of those days where you are just feeling so accomplished? You are totally destroying your most recent “to do list” and feeling so productive? ……. yeah! Me either! haha. I need to have one of those days SOON! We have just been so busy and on the go so much lately that papers in my purse are overflowing, laundry is at an all time high (which is saying something because I have record breaking laundry sessions in college), and it seems that every hour I am saying I need to add that to my list. I am going to do it though. I am. I am going to make that mile long list and someday I will get it done.

So with my lofty goals getting put down on paper I AM going to start some reading. For a while it was watching beauty youtube videos (which I still do just not like all the time – my bank account can’t handle wanting new products every week). Yikes!!! So I have a few books coming that I am really excited. It might take me all year to finish them (or even one) but I am going to make an effort. We have 2 short trips coming up in August & September so hopefully I can get at least 1 accomplished by then. First up, The happiness project. I love books like this; self reflect and purpose books that try to give new perspective and meaning. A few of my favorites have been – The Purpose Driven Life, Eat. Pray. Love., and The Best Advice I Ever Got. I am excited to start this one.  I also got #GIRLBOSS. I have been hearing great reviews about this book and very excited to read this one too. I think 2 books are enough of a goal right now….so hopefully in 6 months I can report back with my thoughts.

I am also trying to “declutter” around the house. It’s time to get more organized and try to maintain this. Although this is difficult because I can usually only tackle 1 room a weekend but it’s a start.

Although I know I need to get started on this list tonight … it will have to wait just one more day. Tonight is Wine Wednesday!!!! Video chat with my girls Brooke & Beth.  We have been doing this the past few months now and I just love it. Something I continue to look forward to and hearing about what is going on with their lives since we all live in different cities 🙂

Be ambitious. Be bold. Be brave. Make your “to do list” and work to accomplish one thing everyday!





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