Meditation Monday

Well today is the day …. The first day of Matt and I training for the half marathon. I think I have had so much anxiety lately because I knew this day was coming up …. It’s exciting for many reasons … 1) This is Matt’s FIRST EVER 1/2 marathon. How awesome for him to say that he has done one. 2) That means this is our FIRST together (and my first as a Birk – wooohooo) 3) This will be my 4th race (but first one with a real partner to train with) ….. I hope these next 12 weeks are not painful on our bodies or our relationship but instead helping us work to become stronger in both our marriage and our fitness goals. With the support from each other I “think” this is a good idea 😉 …but I will keep you posted for the next 82 days to let you know. With that in mind I am taking a quote from Runner’s World today ….




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