Finally Friday

Wow! This week is over already. Our first week of running and sticking to our plan. So far …. so good (well I mean we are both alive). It’s been good though and we are glad we are doing this together. I have been going to work early so I can be home earlier and things seem to be “under control” for the moment anyway. Today is a new day … and a new month so that like a double bonus. Here’s to making good choices and getting things done this month. I plan to start this month off spending tonight with my parents & Matt at the Cardinals game, then yoga tomorrow, getting things done all day at home, and then another Cardinals game tomorrow with our friends – George & Tonya (who we met on vacation in August 2011 in Punta Cana). I hope that Sunday will be a day a productive day at home and ending with a Redbox 😉 Sounds like a great weekend – stay tuned. Happy August (thanks for the images google)!

hello august




do them



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