Thursday Thanks

Noosa – your new flavors – THE BOMB! I was at Target this week and went to pick up some of my favorite yoghurt that was on sale and to my surprise there was 2 new flavors! Pumpkin & Coconut! OH MY! I have a serious LOVE for all things pumpkin (Autumn is my favorite time of year) so I of course picked this up and tried it the very next day for lunch. Yup – it was like a creamy pumpkin pie. SO GOOD! The coconut was also very good. I go in “spurts” with coconut but this is very good and I will also be repurchasing this. I just love when I get excited about Target purchases!! It’s the little things people 🙂

MAC – I recently rediscovered your products and I am in love. I am spending way to much money at Nordstrom/Macys on your products but I just forgot how much I really love your makeup and your skincare. Thank you for still being as good as I remembered.

Matt – Thank you for being “crazy” with me and training for the 1/2 we have been doing so good for the past 10 days! I’m really glad I have your support and encouragement. You mean the world to me. xoxo

Laura Mercier Custom Artist Portfolio – I have had my eye on your for the past 5+ months and you are finally mine. You are even more beautiful in person and I am excited to pack you full of goodies and take you to Minnesota and Charleston over the next few months! YES!!!

Fabletics – I love that you pick out workout outfits for me every month. Now that I am actually working out in them (rather than sitting on my couch in them) I love getting new ones. Plus working out 6 days a week means I need a lot more outfits because I don’t do laundry that often – haha! Your Gaviota Capri and Aventura Tank are MY FAVORITE and I need them in every color. Plus for $50 I can get a 3 piece outfit. I can’t buy clothes cheaper at target/sports authority for that price.

My To Do List – Thank you for not growing too much this week. I have been able to get some things checked off and that makes me happy happy happy! I hope we continue this productive relationship next week too!

May Designs – Thank you for having a 40% off sale. I have been wanting to order something and I am so excited for my notebook to come in. I am going to washi tape the crap out of you with making one of the notebooks a “password” one for all our important information in it. I was hoping that Erin Condren would have come out with a personal life organizer for important information but right now it has only been planners. So I decided to make a custom one instead. I hope you turn out like I am envisioning.

Birchbox – I’m Back! I’m really sorry that I left you a while ago. I love so many of your products and how you surprise me with new products!! My August box shipped yesterday so I am anxiously awaiting your arrival. Plus, I love doing the product reviews to get points = free money! I am loving everything from the Jouer line (especially the matte moisturizer and lip gloss) …so I am sure I will need to repurchase soon.

Lastly, Hungry Girl – Matt found your TV show one day and knew I would love it. Of course, he was right! Thank you for making delicious food with better ingredients and lower calories. I am head over heals about your Mississippi Mug Pie – I have made it this week already. If you love chocolate you will LOVE this. Try it. Go to the store after work,buy the ingredients, make it! You will not be disappointed.

Yay for it being Thursday – the week is almost over! Although, I have an EXTREMELY FULL weekend (baby shower, bridal shower, jeep ride, bridal shower, and running 5 miles) ….. it will full of friends, family and FUN! I hope yours is too!



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