This Year ….2015

Recap of 2014 “resolutions”

Read more.  – I did do more of this in 2014 (check) and hope to continue with “fun reading” rather than just my required reading for school.

Start exercising again …. I put my running shoes on again this year (check)… Matt and I ran our 1st Half Marathon together (his first every and my fourth). It was awesome and so much fun getting to train and spend so much time together working towards our goal. He might never run 13.1 miles with me again. We do want to run the St. Patrick’s Day race (10K) in STL this year so we are going to keep the running shoes out for a while longer. MOTIVATION! KEEP GOING!

Be more grateful – Sometimes I get so caught up in everything that I forget how lucky and fortunate I am for all the things I have in the life (check) – my husband, my family, awesome friends, and a job. I think this is something I will make be a permanent thing on my goal list. Not that I didn’t accomplish this but because I don’t think you can ever show enough gratitude to the special people in your life.

Stay organized.  Things are getting organized and I am trying to “declutter” a little everyday …. (check) This year we (mostly me) tried to go through at least one room a month to declutter things. My last room for 2014 was the office – it got a total remodel so stay tuned for that post. It was probably the most fun cleaning knowing that I was going to get to redecorate it too! LOL

Overall I think I did pretty well with this list in 2014. It gives me a little more confidence going into 2015 too. I have lots on my plate this year and I worry everyday that it is too much or the wrong decision but hopefully it will end up being the best decision (and I can take you along for the ride).

We had big things to celebrate in 2014 … Our First Anniversary, more Birthdays (Matt turned 30 this year), new babies arrived (Baby Walsh, Baby Neff, Baby Ratz – ALL GIRLS!!!!!!) Rebecca graduated from High School and Hannah from The CIA, two mini vacations to visit Beth & Nathan (where Matt started another hobby of home brew) and a few days in Charleston SC and of course weddings: Morgan & Tyler, Sarah & Brian, Matt & Kate, Danielle & Clay and Nathan & Julie. 2014 was another year full of blessings.

Bring On …..  2015

Learn Calligraphy – it was during the holiday season this year as I was addressing all of our Christmas cards that I wished so badly that I could write them in a beautiful script looking font that I see on etsy or pinterest. I would love to learn this beautiful art.

Take a camera class – last year we got a fancy new camera and I love taking picture with it. I feel that I don’t use it to it’s full potential because I only now how to use the auto button. A friend of mine is a professional photographer so I am hoping that she can find some time to set up a camera class for me and some of my family members so we can add new meaning to capturing the moment.

Give to those less fortunate – a little piece of me dies inside when I see a person on the side of the road or homeless. I want to know their story. I want to let them know that hope still exists and things can get better. I found several ideas for things I could do on, of course, pinterest!

In addition to these “yearly” goals I am going to follow Elizabeth’s idea of monthly goals over at Oak & Oats – I think this is very cool! Even if it’s only 1 thing for a month I want to try to accomplish it. I think it will be a fun way to see what you are able to actually accomplish in month and an entire year.

Of course, there will be the usual keep reading (for fun), keep working-out (even something small like going for a walk), keep being grateful, save more/spend less, keep decluttering…. I feel satisfied looking back at 2014 but I want to feel accomplished about 2015.

Happy New Year! Wishing you a year full of blessings.






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