Woman Wednesday

I am sure that you have figured out that I love a little play on words when I write my posts. So we have had Wednesday Wishes, Wednesday Wonders, and this is the first edition of Woman Wednesday. It’s all about some girl power and showing some woman love.

I am not ashamed to admit the number of women that I find beautiful, inspiring, and down-right badass bitches! My list is not limited to only famous public figure woman (although many are) but here I hope to spot light some of my favorites. First up …. Ms. SJP!



Sarah Jessica Parker (SJP) is fierce! She stole my heart in Footloose as Rusty – the funny, energetic, and courageous best friend to the Ariel. Another favorite role was Honeymoon in Vegas. I remember watching this movie with my mom and loved how glamorous she made a Vegas show girl look. Family Stone is totally my mother and sisters….and I find myself watching it during the holidays but the icing on the cake was of course, Sex and The City. I was young when it debuted and we didn’t have cable so it was much later when I found reruns (and was allowed to watch it) but since then I have watched every episode….more than once. Her determination to find love, her mistakes, her successes, her famous “carrie quotes,” and what I would give to have her closet!! THOSE SHOES!! DRESSES!! OH MY! The chemistry of those four women conquering the world and sharing all of it together is still so beautiful and inspiring to me as a growing woman.

I recently found this video on youtube that showed just how iconic SJP has become throughout her career (especially in fashion) and made me lover her a little more. Someday I hope to own a pair of shoes from her new collection (SJP). I absolutely adore them – they are simple, elegant, but the signature strip on the back is perfect – one in every color please.

I know there will never be another show like Sex and the City, or Friends, or One Tree Hill for that matter (just a few of my favs)… great shows just can’t be replicated because they would never live up to the expectations that we would put on them.  All good things must come to an end… so for now thank goodness I have them all on DVD.





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