Tuesday Letters


Dear Downton Abbey – I have been waiting season 1 for the past week while I workout and I LOVE you but I only have 1 more day left and then Season 1 is over. Some very nice people told me that I can stream you from Amazon … looks like the workout room is going to need a new TV ASAP 😉

Dear Hannah (& John) – Only 2 more days!! I already know your visit will not be long enough and I will be so sad to see you leave but I am so ready to see you! Plus family pictures are on Saturday – can’t wait to hear what silly things dad will say during them haha.

Dear School – I survived week 1 – only 103 weeks left. I got this …. I hope.

Dear Award Season – I wish I was able to see more of these great movies/shows but you have expanded my list and someday I hope to be able to watch so many of you that won Golden Globes. I love watching the Red Carpet pre-show and envy everyone’s fashion and jewels. My favorite acceptance speeches were the emotional ones:

  • Gina Rodriguez – “Today’s going to be a great day, I can & I will …. well today dad, I can & I did.” For this reason alone, Jane the Virgin is now added to my DVR.
  • Kevin Spacey – House of Cards – please come back on already. Feb 27th is not soon enough. But he totally dropped the F-bomb on TV and his fine lines of “I just want it to be better, I just want to be better, but this is very encouraging. Thank you” was simply perfect.
  • Michael Keaton – I am sorry that until Sunday night I never even heard of the movie, Birdman. He thanked his best friend, his son, and gave insight to his upbringing… “his parents raising him to work hard, don’t quit, be appreciative, be thankful, be grateful, be respectful, also to never whine ever, never complain, and, always, for crying out loud, keep a sense of humor” it was just very moving to see a superstar still feel so grounded in such a highlight moment for them.
  • George Clooney – Seriously! As if I didn’t adore you enough already. Simply Perfect!

Dear Christmas Tree – I think I might just leave you up all year long. I mean why not? Please don’t judge me I have been a little busy lately.

Dear me – I ordered my February book, Make It Happen, to read (trying to keep up 2014 goal of read more – so 12 books in 12 months?) but I have only read 1 chapter of my January book … you better get reading.

Dear Water App – I know this just sounds dumb but I needed a way to start drinking more water. Most days I would find myself having my morning coffee and nothing else the rest of the day. Water helps your skin, helps the brain (stay balanced, better memory and keep your mood in check), and aids in immune health and digestion – so if you didn’t know already – water is GOOD! 🙂 This app is simple and just helps you remember to keep drinking throughout the day. You can set the notification to be how often as you like, in addition to the time you wake up and go to bed so it keeps you on track all day. Check out the reminders ….







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