Things I’m Loving

This article that was posted on I Am That Girl today – go check it out, Lorene Belotti was the guest blogger on the site today and her words are pretty inspirational.

   “So, beautiful ladies, don’t give up! Be different, trust the marvelous person you are, be YOU. Don’t fight this losing battle where not enough or not at the right time are the credo. Mediocrity and banality is not for you. You definitely are enough: what you do, when you do it is great. Life is not a race. Respect your rhythm. You’ll never bloom more brightly than when what you think, say and do will be in unison. You’ll be able to reach this state when you listen to your heart, not what “they” say. Rock your world and love yourself. The rest will come.”

I recently discovered this new Just Milk hand lotion byVivian L.. I am loving it and especially the wedding cake scent. It is a STL local company that they sell at a boutique I go to. It’s natural ingredients have really been helping my sad and dry “grandma hands.” Plus it smells so yummy.

Hannah is HOME! These days will go by way to fast and I will be sad to see you leave but I hope to enjoy as much time with you as I possibly can. I have missed you little sister! Welcome home!





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