My Favorite Things

WINE & Margaritas 

Pinterest – I mean who doesn’t love it?? It amazing and I would be lost with out it

Nailpolish – I wash my hands so much at work but I love having pretty nails! My BFF Kaitlin got me started … her collections is way bigger than mine they are so pretty and fun.

Makeup-Clothes-Shoes-ALL beauty products

TV Shows

  • Nashville: OMG! YES!!! And the music is on Spotify so I can listen to it at work too!
  • Chicago Fire: Love it! I mean who doesn’t love gorgeous men in uniform saving lives?
  • Chicago PD: SOPHIA BUSH – enough said!!!!!
  • Grey’s Anatomy: Guilty … Matt watches this with me.
  • The Americans: Found this on FX last year and we love it! Great show!
  • Revenge – Love Emily VanCamp in this!
  • Scandal – Thanks to my friend, Megan! I am OBSESSED! Kerry Washington – YOU GO GIRL!
  • Pretty Little Liars (My sister got me watching – and I am over it but I watched for so long now I might as well keep watching until it’s over)
  • The Newsroom: MUST WATCH!!!! Matt and I watch this together – no longer on
  • Breaking Bad: We started watching this long after the series ended but we just had to know what the hype is all about
  • Sons of Anarchy (SOA): We were late to the party on this series but thank goodness for Netflix – SO GOOD! What a great show. Sad it had to end.
  • Downton Abbey: Again, I am late to join this bandwagon but so far season 1 has me hooked! I can’t wait to watch the rest and catch up – although I wish PBS would put it on Netflix to make it easier (more efficient) for me
  • New Girl: Jess is just too cute
  • And yes I watch those vampire shows too … Vampire Diaries and True Blood. I guess if they wouldn’t always make those “bad vampires” so darn HOT then I wouldn’t keep watching but Ian Somerhalder and Alexander Skarsgard. YUM!

I Love the St. Louis Cardinals, the Green Bay Packers, University of Illinois – Fighting Illini, 

Matt and I love FOOD and we are always up for a new adventure to try out a new place or new cuisine.


Weddings  (the greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love…and be loved in return – Moulin Rouge)


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